Manual: New Participant Joining Instructions

This following is a step-by-step guide aimed at network operators who wish to connect to the Uganda Internet eXchange Point. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

  1. Acquire public IP address space and an Autonomous System Number (ASN) from AFRINIC or another Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

  2. Introduce yourself and signal your intent to connect by sending us a message through our online contact form. Please include some basic data about your organization, its network (including its ASN), and the services you wish to receive from us. We will reply as soon as possible and provide guidance throughout the rest of the joining process.

  3. Submit a signed copy of our Participation Agreement along with a Service Order Form either by e-mail (preferred) or by post to our mailing address. We will send you an initial invoice following completion of this step.

  4. Submit due payment for all services as required. Please refer to our Fees FAQ and Services page for more information about fees and payment options..

  5. Meet with us to tour our facility and discuss deployment plans.

  6. Extend your network to our facility either by laying fibre to our premises, installing a wireless radio link on the building roof, or using a third party infrastructure service provider (e.g. Google ProjectLink). We have rack-space available for peering related equipment within our facility, and each peer is eligible for 2RU free of charge.

  7. Connect your network to our peering LAN. We will assign your network to a specific switch and port(s) once you reach this stage. We will also assign you a specific IPv4 and IPv6 address for your peering network interface.

  8. Configure an IPv4 and Ipv6 BGP session with our route servers and/or work to establish bilateral BGP sessions with other networks at the exchange.

  9. Send us key contact details for your NOC and billing department so that we can enable access to our customer portal.

  10. Register your key network engineering staff in our biometric security system. This will require a brief meeting at our facility.