Governance Reform: New MEMARTs Proposed in 2015

The Uganda Internet eXchange Point (UIXP) was conceived in 2001 as a private company with a not­-for­-profit association governance model whereby each connected network should have an influence on, and stake in, company governance. While the not­-for­-profit IXP association governance model has since become one of the most common and successful across the African region, we have determined that it cannot be effectively implemented at the UIXP without significant changes to our Memorandum and Articles of Association (MEMARTs).

In the interest of resolving this problem, the UIXP management team drafted significantly reworked versions of these documents and submitted them to the community for feedback in 2015. However, almost no feedback was received and the project had to be delayed until greater buy-in could be achieved.

Attached is a copy of the draft MEMARTs proposed in 2015 along with the original accompanying letter which provides additional context and detail. If you would like to provide feedback on these documents, please send a message to with your comments or questions.